Faberry || Stranded

Rachel had noticed that Quinn seemed slightly off since the day she wasn’t feeling well.  She made sure to keep an eye on the girl just to make sure she didn’t look sick or like she was going to pass out again.  But she didn’t seem sick just…off.  Rachel couldn’t think of another way to describe it.  She made sure to stay close to her throughout the day just to make sure she was okay.

Gina had been hanging around her more it seemed too.  Not that she minded.  She was probably one of the sweeter girls that Rachel had met and the fact that she actually listened to her rants and remembered things that she had mentioned.  One day she had been ranting about “Funny Girl” and thought that Gina had tuned out like everyone else.   But then the next day she came and told her that she had watched the movie.  And downloaded the soundtrack.  And Rachel was convinced she was near perfect.  Near being the operative word.  Because her scale was still based on Quinn Fabray’s level of perfect and she was sure no one could attain that level of perfection.

It was finally Friday and Rachel was looking forward to a whole child free weekend.  As the last kid was picked up, she breathed a deep sigh of relief and looked over to the parking lot.  Quinn was standing at her car and fumbling through her bag, anger apparent on her face.  Rachel walked over to the blonde and tapped her shoulder.

“Is there something wrong, Quinn?”